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Begin Your Career in Esthetics

Salon Boutique Academy training in esthetics lets you develop the skills, safety judgments and business expertise to obtain a Texas Esthetician license and competency for an entry-level position in esthetics or a related career field. 

The esthetics course requires 750 hours, which can take approximately 7 to 11 months to complete based on your selected class schedule. 

Course Description 

Our graduates finish with these essential attributes: 

  • Projecting a positive attitude, personal integrity and self confidence 

  • Professionalism, poise and proper grooming  

  • Effective communication and interaction with colleagues, supervisors and clients

  • Understanding the necessity of quality services for monetary exchange 

  • Basic manipulative skills in facials, hair removal and makeup 

  • Analytical skills to advise clients in total skin concepts 

  • Applying academic learning to sound judgments, decisions and procedures 

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Teaching and Learning Methods

A sequential set of learning steps addresses specific tasks for Texas state board preparation, graduation and entry-level employment skills. Get hands-on experience with equipment, implementations and products currently used in the industry. 

Experience interactive lectures, demonstrations and cooperative learning. The esthetics course includes a comprehensive lesson plan and effective educational methods:

  • Demonstration

  • Student Salon Activities 

  • Audio-Visual Aids 

  • Guest Speakers

  • Library of Esthetic Resources

  • Interactive Lecture

  • Labs

  • Student Participation

  • Field Trips 

  • Project Activities 

Convenient Class Schedules 

We offer full-time and part-time schedules as well as day and evening programs, to allow you to maintain your work schedule and social life during your education. 

• Full-time 31 hours/week course
• Part-time 16 hour/week course  
• Day Classes – 4 days/week (8am to 4:30pm) 
• Evening Classes – 3 nights/week 

Esthetics Program Curriculum 

  • Facial, Treatment, Cleansing, Masking, Therapy – 225 hrs

  • Anatomy & Physiology – 90 hrs

  • Electricity, Machines and Related Equipment – 75 hrs

  • Makeup – 75 hrs

  • Orientation, Rules and Laws – 50 hrs

  • Chemistry – 50 hrs

  • Care of the Client – 50 hrs

  • Sanitation, Safety and First Aid – 40 hrs

  • Management – 35 hrs

  • Superfluous Hair Removal – 25 hrs

  • Aromatherapy  –15 hrs

  • Nutrition  – 10 hrs

  • Color Psychology – 10 hrs

 Total Hours Required — 750


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I’ve been in Corporate American for about 20 years — I was ready for something fun — something I was passionate about (and I found it here at The Academy)
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Salon Boutique Academy really helps you believe in yourself and find out who you are!
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